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Fresh starts. That’s what is so special about the beginning of a new semester. New classes, new teachers, and new friendships. We started our new semester by welcoming new and returning AMA members at our kick-off orientation meeting. Beginning with an activity, our participants were able to show off their sales and marketing skills. We broke into groups and were tasked to create a cereal brand – including a name, logo and slogan. This activity showed us how creative and unique our members really are, ending up with cereals about penguins, money, and squirrels. The winning team had a cute and quirky cereal call “Nom Noms” with Chippy the Squirrel and his acorn shaped cereal. A highlight of their presentation was Anthony Delos Santos singing the jingle “Nom, nom. Nom, nom, nom, nom. You’ll go nuts for nom noms!”. Progressing through the meeting we went through our future events and our exciting new programs including Mihaylo Edu. The meeting ended with introducing our board members, and our AMAzing Members of the Month from last semester. This event showed the excitement and involvement of our new and returning members, and was an AMAzing start to Spring Semester. Our next meeting is on February 20th with our donate life presentation. Hope to see you all there. Work hard, play hard AMAers.


Winning Team Members and Favorite Cereal

Kira Pitney – Banana Cheerios

Shannon Franklin – Apple Jacks

Jane Han – Honey Bunches of Oats

Alan Mckenzie – Coco Puffs

Ashish Kulkarni – Chocos

Servando Ramirez – Golden Graham’s

Christine Cabotaje – Frosted Flakes

Genie Phan- Special K with Strawberries

Chanise Fowler – Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Shannon Franklin – Apple Jacks

Barbara Chavez – Frosted Flakes

Anthony Delos Santos – Pop Tarts (C’mon Anthony thats not a cereal)

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