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If you enjoy traveling, meeting new people and sharing your experiences with others then Southwest Airlines has the place for you to do just that. Nuts About Southwest is one of the most popular airline blogs around and the quirky name is not the only appeal about it. They are able to achieve such success by being intuitive to their loyal fliers needs and interests and project that through their blog. It features video and podcast streams as well as endless ways you can share, like or repost a blog through any social media of your choosing. Nuts About Southwest embraces the idea of networking and connecting with their bloggers and even states so themselves, “this is as much your site as it is ours”. This type of marketing strategy helps Southwest Airlines create a sense of close-knit interaction with their fliers and a means of getting feedback to better their company.  Please feel free to explore more by clicking on the link below and don’t worry if you go a little nuts and have fun in the process. To get your dose of informative marketing blogs make sure to check regularly for further updates.







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