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The final and most important step in any business endeavor — Making the sale.  Every “bigwig” and executive in the business world needs the skill of salesmanship in order to be successful. The Sales 101 workshop on February 11th taught a group of business students the key steps into making a sale. Led by Ian Thomason, Zeina Itani, and David Ludden, the workshop broke down the art of salesmanship into 8 simple steps.  Step 1 Build Rapport, Step 2 Background & Agenda, Step 3 Questioning, Step 4 Needs Analysis, Step 5 Confirm Needs, Step 6 Offer Solution, Step 7 Handle Objectives, and finally Step 8 Make the Sale.  This hour long workshop was divided into a powerpoint of tips and role playing.  Students were able to learn about salesmanship, and then practice their newly acquired skills.  The next step is another workshop on February 28th leading up to the “How To Sell To Mihaylo” Sales Competition on March 7th. Good luck and make the sale!

Sales 101 Workshop PPT




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