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Hello fellow Titans! We would like to congratulate you on making your first steps to becoming the top of your class by joining an organization. Whether you have joined Pi Sigma Epsilon, the American Marketing Association or the Sales Leadership Center you have boosted your resume.

There are only a select percentage of students who are in clubs, and an even smaller number of active club members. But in today’s job market just joining an organization is not sufficient enough to increase your desirability to potential employers. To do this you need to be an active member. We have created MihayloEDU to encourage members to actually participate in the various events these organizations are holding.


                                              “Grow your skills and increase your value.”

To be an active member in either of these organizations the requirements are as follow:

    • Minimun of 2.75 GPA
    • 5 Blue Star Activities – Blue star actitivites are the events that just breach the surface of involvment for our organizations. These events might not specifically target marketing and sales but can involve other important areas such as community service, fundraising,etc.
    • 3 Orange Star Activities – Orange star actitivies are events that we consider to be more deepply involved with marketing and sales. These activities will have you learning and performing more hands on activities within the marketing and sales world.
  • To map out your plan for the semester, check out events at these links:
    CSUF AMA Event’s Page
    CSUF Sales Leadership Center Page
    CSUF PSE Page



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