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silhouette_career_2With the creation of the internet there is a great deal of information on any topic or subject you can think of. There are many people generous enough to share marketing tips and tricks or even career advice. Resources are your friend and we will strive to provide the best links for you to explore and excel!

Our Career page is specialized to provide tools for our members or anyone else looking on our website for careers or helpful tips. In this page there is a comprehensive list of resourses to find jobs and internships on your own or you can browse local listings that companies have brought to our attention and made available to you. Please take a trip and browse all the links because they might just help you get an advantage in an interview or even land you an awesome dream job. We strive to provide everyone with the best service and resources to make you excel in all areas. Use the tools we have given you and will be AMAzed!

CSUF AMA’s comprehensive career guidance tool helped me developed my professional skills and allow me to meet new opportunities with its database. I am AMAzed! – Chris T

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